A single parents on line social club is for Single parents by single parents to meet single parents.

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About Solo Parents Network

What is The Solo Parents Network?

Solo Parents Network was created by me... Hi I'm Robin. And I'm a single parent <grin>
  This is a not-for-profit single parents social club and is the best and most unique place on the World Wide Web geared towards the single parent, at any stage in life of single parenting. Its purpose is to help create healthy relations, meet other single parents and to provide a safe place (if the kids are looking over your shoulder) for socializing.
  This network is full of free services so you don't have to search everywhere for free quality service geared to single parents. We don't push books, pay services or drinks <grin>. We are just a social club for single parents and questions such as:
    * How to handle kids who resent the fact that you're now dating
    * How to explain to the kids why they're getting fewer presents for Christmas this year, now that money's so tight
    * How to cope with the fearfulness your son is exhibiting ever since Dad died suddenly, leaving him afraid you're going to die too and leave him alone
    * How to explain to your child, born out of wedlock and fathered by a man who sends money but doesn't visit, why Daddy "doesn't love him" or why he "doesn't have a daddy"
    * How to keep the kids safe at home alone, now that you've had to go back to work full-time and your kids have become "latchkey kids"
    * How to explain to the kids why you, Dad, are taking care of them and not Mom (who ran off with another man and left you with the kids)
    * How you, a widow, can best explain to your son, who just had his first "wet dream," what the changes are that are going on in his body
    * How to get some free time for yourself when there's not another parent to watch the kids now, and you can't afford a sitter except for special occasions
    * What to suggest when your ex-husband has moved across the country post-divorce and your church is holding a father/daughter dinner that your daughter would like to go to…with Daddy.....

How the Solo Parents Network Started

I started this single parent network because I got tired of spending all my time just living. Going back to financial - work, doing 18 loads of wash, trying to stay active in my children's school, lives, interests, reorganizing the house for my new bundle (twins), running the twins for their problems, fighting in court-against someone who didn't want to give a dime, high emotional needs and confusion from my four boys and... Well the list can go on, just as any single parents can... As you can guess this left little time to find the much needed information and support for myself.

I didn't think I was so unique that I would be the only one in need of socializing,  information, support and dating... Ya dating ! with four kids?  Well...  that was like looking for a pin in a haystack.

Divorce is more than a death of a marriage, it's a death of a life. Thereby, I started living and creating a new life and this network has help me and many others single parents and I know it can help all single parents. Since most single parents are tight on money and on time, I have done my best to make our single parents network fast, simple and to the point. .
Look around enjoy, let us know you are here by coming to our members
chat, message board- really its a relief board- so just get it out, you'll feel better, promise! 

OH ! And don't forget to place a free personal ad, just for single parents. That is if you are ready and looking!

  Update March 30, 2000
~Now over 1500+ members ~

There have been 7 marriages resulting in 32 children having two parent homes AND their parents  are NOW in a happy, healthy relationship. <GRIN>
And 2 more engagments with single parents. Our Doorman Scott has Remarried his Ex-wife and their three children can't be happier. Good Luck Scott!
Some members have began house sharing, and life has lightned up for all. Members are all comming together here to help each other and themselves. 
My divorce has really touched sooo many lives, and all for the good!

I'm gonna run for now. Have fun meeting other single parents and don't forget to sign our guest book. I would love to hear from you.

 Update 2004
~Now over 7000 members ~

Robert, has found a great lady in texas and is married she too was a single parent have three children of her own, robert bringing his two and in 2006 I heard they were expecting their own, together.

 Update 2009
~Now over 23,000+ members ~

Don has been a wonderful doorman, and help when my Ex had a situation with my children that involved the state. This took alot of my time and energy to keep my children emotional needs met. Don stepped up and help more than just being a doorman. He too now is in a healthy relationship with pann, and I wish them all the best.

— Robin

single parents going solo

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